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Shaping Company Structures for Growth

When your turnover has plateaued, how do you grow? This was the key question posed by one of my clients.  Through working together, it became clear that part of the answer was about restructuring his business to create more clarity and flexibility for both performance, and growth. Adopting a more strategic approach to the work of the business as a whole has enabled them to finally break through that ceiling.

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Creating Clarity for Performance

How do you ensure you make the most of your employees talent?  It is not simply enough to employ great talent (as one of my client MDs discovered).  In order to make the most of that talent, you need to give them clarity about how best they can contribute to the success of the business. A lack of clarity is a major disruptor of performance - when it's not there, everything goes out of kilter.  By creating a shared understanding of the roles and contribution expected of each employee, frustration and anxiety are turned into focus and determination.

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Engaged Performance At Work

How do you become the best employer you can be? That was the ambition of a recent client, who had became aware that good intentions weren't always translating well for staff.  We used the Employee Engagement At Work Survey to seek constructive views from employees, from which the Senior Leadership Team came up with a plan of improvements they wanted to make. Fifteen months later, we re-ran the survey; vast improvements had been made in all the key areas identified. It was a great result, and one that represented benefits for the whole business.

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Developing OD Practitioners

How do you support and develop the effectiveness of internal OD Teams as 'Change Ambassadors'? This client recognised that ongoing change was becoming the 'new constant' in their working lives, and invited me in to put together a programme of development and support for their OD Team. Through facilitated discussion, coaching, and technical / conceptual input, the sessions got the team thinking as a group - not something they routinely did - and gave them useful models to take back and use to create useful insights. The initiative was seen as a really positive developmental experience.